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Water Damage Restoration

     Water Damage Near Me is an excellent source for certified technicians and companies to take care of your water damage restoration needs. Water Damage Near Me only supplies qualified, experienced and most importantly reputable professionals when called upon to deliver fast and reliable service for water damage restoration. We thoroughly vet all of our mitigation experts and rely on customer feedback to maintain our quality control but it all starts with the excellent people we have in the fold. Water Damage Near Me simply brings the best water damage restoration near you to you whenever disaster strikes!

Water damage restoration is the necessary steps taken to restore your property to a pre-loss condition during a flood cleanup. The first thing we recommend is to make sure you are okay as it can be overwhelming when you discover that you have water damage. No one keeps a budget for water damage and there is no such thing as a good time to flood. If you notice water in your home or business make sure to find the source of the water. Safely see to it that the source can be identified and stopped if possible. Once you have done all you can call the experts at Water Damage Near Me to begin the restoration process for you.

Burst pipe cleanup

Burst pipes often cause significant water damage!

     Firstly, it involves assessing the situation and making it safe while documenting the damage. Remember to make sure to take a lot of pictures! Water Damage Near Me will document the damage but believes that homeowners should also have as many pictures as possible. Pictures are essential most times in dealing with insurance so their importance could not be overstated.

     Next, the most important step, extraction of water from all affected areas safely and in an efficient manner. Water extraction is up to ninety percent of the drying process, so that is why it is so important to vacuum out as much water as possible! It does no good to put drying equipment in if there is still puddles everywhere. Also make sure to move the furniture around and thoroughly inspect all affected areas so that no “dumb” water is left. Water that is easily removed because it is sitting in plain sight is often referred to in the water damage restoration industry as dumb water. Water Damage Near Me are experts at taking out all that dumb water!

water restoration repair

Nice clean cuts to save as much water damage repair cost as possible!

After water removal has been taken care of then you want to remove and separate all wet and or damaged content. Before the drying process begins you want to make sure all content is itemized and the necessary actions are taken to save as many belongings as possible. In the water removal process you will slide a majority of all content around to remove the dumb water. So often the content manipulation and water removal steps are basically occurring at the same time. Nobody wants their stuff ruined by flooding so it is very important to stop further damage from occurring to your belongings.

Water damage restoration repairs

Water Damage Restoration being done to a floating floor


     After content manipulation is taken care of you will want to clean the floors and assess the rest of the drying process. The sooner we clean the floors the sooner our customers can relax a little. The most traumatic thing for our customers is usually the visual aspect of dirty chaos happening to their floors. Our experience tells us that cleaning the floors not only relaxes our customers but oftentimes makes the area safer to work in. The floors are less slippery and no longer potentially carrying health hazards or toxins. All in all the sooner the floors are clean and dry the better.

     Depending on the category of the water and the makeup of the rest of the building materials will help to determine if further steps are needed before drying begins. Sometimes when water damage has taken place there is a need to open walls and ceilings to ensure mold prevention through proper drying. That is often the case when dealing with category three water or class four water losses. Having water going through multiple floors and several layers of building materials will often lead to walls and floors being opened up. Wet insulation is always a concern and has to be dried or replaced. Of course if you are dealing with a sewer backup or sewage water than all soft building materials need to be removed according to industry standards!

Water damage restoration repair

Thermo hygrometers and moisture meters are essential for both water removal and mold remediation jobs!

     Once all work has been done and the area has been prepared to dry then it is time for the equipment. Water Damage Near Me will use psychometry, the science of drying, to determine what drying equipment and how much of it you will need to dry that particular project. We use the proper air movers and dehumidifier to rapidly dry yours, floors, content, and air to prevent mold growth from occurring. The proper drying equipment is essential to achieving our drying goals and meeting our customers expectations. Water Damage Near Me will use state of the art moisture meters and thermo hygrometers to moisture chart every drying job until all materials are at or below the dry standards.

Steps for proper Water Damage Restoration

  • Make the is property safe
  • Document and photograph the Water Damage
  • Water removal
  • Content manipulation
  • Clean the affected areas
  • Demolition if necessary
  • Place drying equipment

     If any demolition is to take place our technicians will make sure all parties are informed and consent to the required best course of action. Water Damage Near Me has a standard of care, as does all water damage restoration companies, so we are focused on doing everything the right way or not at all. Our standard of care and our oath as mitigation professionals compel us to save you as much money as we can while preventing health risk to you or your property. So if we have to remove or open wet drywall you can be assured that is with your best interest at heart! Any work done in your property will be done cleanly and without causing you further stress and aggravation.

Water damage restoration repair

Drying a wood floor using some water damage restoration tricks

   When dealing with a flooded basement cleanup, whether it is from a burst pipe or a sewage cleanup, it is very important to have a certified technician doing the mitigation. If the restoration team misses any water in your property then mold growth is almost always a certainty. Mold Removal can be even more expensive than water damage so make the proper choice when selecting your cleanup crews.       Water Damage Near Me will know when such steps are necessary as we have years of experience and also maintain our continued education with the IICRC. All lead technicians are certified in Water Damage Restoration so that our customers know that the person helping them is qualified! We have the know how and tools of the trade to get you dry today!!


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